Audio Postcards

Here are links to an assortment of NPR audio postcards that I produced for Weekend All Things Considered:


On the Spin Cycle for Iowa’s Ragbrai Race
July 30, 2005

This week, thousands of bicyclists are pedaling across Iowa in the annual Ragbai race. John Freyer met up with cyclists and found that pork chops, pie, and potato salad motivate them to complete the 500-mile trek. He sends an audio postcard.

Audio Postcard: Iowa City Auction
January 10, 2004

John Freyer sends this week’s audio postcard from Iowa City, where he prowls for bargains and great finds at Sharpless Auctions. Freyer is the co-creator of the upcoming PBS seriesSecondhand Stories and the author of All My Life for Sale.

Voice Mail Fills Machines in Swing States
October 31, 2004

Iowan voter and commentator John Freyer has an audio postcard from the Hawkeye swing state where political ads are filling answering machines faster than you can say “November Second”.

Audio Postcard: Iowa Dog Paddle
September 11, 2004

The City Park pool in Iowa City, Iowa, has closed for another summer. But before the pool is drained, the city hosts the Iowa City Dog Paddle, permitting community canines to come in for a swim. John Freyer has an audio postcard.

Commentary: Driven to Demolish
May 30, 2004

Commentator John Freyer sends an audio postcard from a demolition derby in Keene, New Hampshire.

Commentary: Bowling and Growing Up
April 17, 2004

Commentator John Freyer says that becoming an adult has meant more that owning a house and starting a family. He’s settled into behaviors and hobbies he never expected — like bowling and drinking light beer.