John D. Freyer is an interdisciplinary artist working at the crossroads of photography, video, audio and performance – both on the internet and in real-world exhibits and installations. Broadly speaking, his work explores the role of everyday, personal objects in our lives – as commodities, fetishes, totems and touchstones. He is interested in systems of exchange – how the circulation of objects and stories enriches social ties between individuals and groups. Past projects include All My Life For Sale, in which he sold everything he owned on eBay and then travelled the country visiting its new owners, and Second Hand Stories, a documentary video in which he toured the U.S. investigating second-hand practices and economies. His work has evolved recently from a focus on objects-as-commodities and how and for whom they acquire value – monetary or otherwise – towards the human flow of memories and stories, especially across generations. Becoming a parent and being faced with the reality of his own parents’ aging has led to an interest in how domestic spaces and objects shape identity within a family. His most recent exhibitions; “Dress Up” as part of the Urban Video Project in Syracuse, NY and “Almost Home” at Viterbo University in Lacrosse WI, both address objects, domestic space and family identity.