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Sunday, January 27, 2002
Home Working on a Book

Well I haven't posted to Temporama in a long time, almost as long as I was on the road last year. I am writing to let you know what I have been up to since I last sent a post. Allmylifeforsale is now officially in the possession of the University of Iowa Museum of Art

The big news is that Bloomsbury USA is going to publish a book about my Allmylifeforsale project and will include portions of updates from Temporama. The most exciting thing for me is that they have asked me to design the book from cover to cover. This is the largest publishing project that I have ever taken on, so wish me luck.

It is very unusual for a publisher to take the risk of letting an artist design his or her own book, so I am working hard to make sure that everyone is happy in the arrangement. The book is due out in November of 2002, so the production schedule is on a fast track. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from my for a little while, it looks like I'll be in front of my computer for the next three months.

The book will focus on the objects that were sold via Allmylifeforsale and will feature short updates on where all of the items have ended up, their final bid price, and the # of bidders on each auction. I may also include the voices of the new owners of my objects, depending on how many reply to my recent bulk mail.


Sunday, November 11, 2001

Emily Finishes "First 5 Free"

I met up with Emily today. She is back in Iowa now too and is trying to figure out that to do next. When She was in Denver she had a chance to work on the book that we started, She printed the last two pages, the cover and sewed the binding on the train back to Iowa.

We called the book "First 5 Free" because the Gocco printing plates were made with free photocopies from a little shop in Santa Barbara, that doesn't charge its patrons for the first five copies. Emily printed the 66 book edition on a Gocco Press.

I made Butternut Apple Soup for dinner for Emily and Sasha. Its nice to be in a familiar Kitchen again. The more time I spend here the more I start to appreciate the boredom that leads me to make soup. I made Soup for the party at Molly Ivin's house in Austin. I think it was the act of making soup that made me realize that it was time to come home to Iowa. Such a domestic activity.

Emily and I talked about what we should do with the books that we made. I thought that it might be nice to make them available on Temporama. This will be the first book by Emily's "Belle Press" available for sale.

Sunday, November 4, 2001
Iowa, Home, and Working

I've been back for a week. I'm Sitting in Sasha's kitchen trying to get all of my updates from last month spell checked and posted. I have to start working on the web site for the School of Art and Art History tomorrow so soon I will be back in the thick of Iowa City.

If you invited me to visit and you haven't seen me yet, it will be a little while before I can get back on the road again. I have to save a little bit of money first and have to take care of some of the course work that I was supposedly doing on the road. Thank you for traveling along with me so far. I hope that my lack of recent posting hasn't made you all tune out.

I need to say thank you to all of you who put up with me over the last two months. I really feel like I have made a number of close friends out there. Thank you so much for inviting me into your homes. Keep in mind that you are all always welcome in Iowa City, the destination resort that it is.. I won't even make you tent in Sasha's front yard.

Monday, October 29, 2001

The way it could have been

I'm almost back to Iowa. But not after experiencing what my trip could have been like had I choose to travel like 90% of the travelers on the road. My wheels were in four states yesterday.. I just drove until 9:30 or so and decided to get something to eat. I was in Kansas City and started to think about BBQ, except that it was 9:30 on a Sunday and downtown KC was a ghost town.

I decided to drive a little further on my way and I stopped to get gas somewhere in the KC suburbs, Liberty, I think. Filled up my tank with the cheapest gas I have seen on my trip and crossed the street to a giant chain restaurant. It was one of those clutter restaurants where they hang all the shit on the walls. Road-signs, Movie Posters, Baskets, and occasional taxidermied animal.

I have spent the last two months visiting people around the country, many of which are collectors of sorts, with collections of various types of things in various states of order, but personal collections none the less. I never walked into a house and said, "oh your house looks just like the last house I was in". It never was, the things that people collected were so different from each other.

The corporation that owned this chain of restaurants makes sure that every restaurant looks just like the other. A chain of restaurant that look like someone collected shit all their life and the put stuff up as they found it on their walls.. Too bad that half the shit is manufactured and no one in the restaurant is authorized to put anything on the walls themselves..

I ordered a steak. It was the only thing on the menu that seemed like a thing that they couldn't screw up. A steak, medium rare, with a baked potato, the fish attack is officially over. They must have soaked the steak in MSG for a week or two, it had a flavor not unlike the salty tartness of a bag of Doritos. A simple steak ruined by the corporate headquarters that made sure that every steak would taste the same regardless of the source by marinating their steaks in their special flavor enhanced brand marinade.

I couldn't eat it. So I had a second beer and decided that I should stay in a hotel for the night. I stayed at a Comfort Inn down the street and watched cable TV until 3 in the morning. There was a "complementary" copy of USA today in the lobby and a free continental breakfast. Featuring instant coffee, canned orange juice, and mini hostess muffins.

I realize that this it what my trip could have been, day after day of bad chain food restaurants and night after night of late night cable and free continental breakfasts. I'd recommend staying with strangers if you can when you travel. And I'd try to avoid any restaurant that is part of a Chain. I've made a little deal with my self-this morning to see if I can live "Chain" free for the month of November

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Water tank movies

Last night I went to a party on a ranch with Melanie's friend Susan. There was a bonfire and a movie that they projected onto a giant rain water storage tank that provides the house and ranch with running water. It was really nice to be on the out-skirts of Austin. Its amazing how quickly you can go from city to county in Texas. On the east coast when you drive 20 minutes out of even the smallest of cities you never get out as far as I felt on this ranch in Texas.

I'm going to leave today. I'm heading back to Iowa. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bed and sitting in one place for a while. Dawn hasn't called. I'll be back in Texas before long.


Saturday, October 27, 2001

Texas, Chickens, Molases

I'm sitting in Melanie, Rick and Savannah's house in Austin, Texas. I set my tent up outside on Thursday night and still haven't left. They left this morning for a camping trip so I have volunteered to take care of their chickens while they are away.. I still haven't heard back from Dawn in San Antonio, which I think will be my last stop on this journey.

Austin is like molasses.. Yesterday when I crawled out of my tent, their next door neighbor Sam said hello and offered me a cup of coffee, after talking for a little while she invited me to a party at Molly Ivins house.. I guess I'm staying an extra day.. So I did and tonight I have been invited to another party, and on Sunday there is a Day of the Dead event that I am welcome to attend.. My one-day visit has turned into five.

I've been trying to get all of the last week's entries posted but I don't really have very reliable internet access from my tent.. I'm going to go up to U of T and see what I can do to get on their Ethernet network.

I think that I am going to turn my car North really soon. Margaret thinks that I should get back sooner rather than later b/c I was supposed to start working for her on the 15th of October, and Sasha tells me to come home nearly ever single day.. What to do, What to do, What to do?

I'm pretty road weary, and having a lot of trouble getting anything done. I've even stopped taking as many photographs of late.. I'm thinking of heading back to Iowa for a while and getting everything that I have written so far postedÉ For those of you in the Southeast, it looks like I will have to visit at another time.

In debate.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Taco Express, Molly Ivins

Last night Melanie, Rick and Savannah took me out to Taco Express for dinner. It was the best Mexican food I have ever had, even better than the taco's that I had in the mission district in San Francisco. We sat around for a little while and then I decided to set my tent up.

They invited me to stay inside but I kind of wanted to take advantage of the warm weather while I still have it. It was such a beautiful night. I was up for a few hours last night writing updates in my tent. Am I a geek for sitting in a tent in the front yard of a house in the city limits of Austin writing journal entries on a laptop computer?

I woke up this morning at about 9 am and as I ventured out of my tent I saw Melanie and Rick's neighbor Samantha drinking coffee in her front yard. She offered me a cup of coffee and invited me to a party at Molly Ivin's house. I guess I'm going to stay another day or two.

I bought a pair of jeans today at the Salvation Army today. I had to change my pants after wearing the same pair of jeans for the last three weeks straight. And I guess I should wear denim to a party at a Liberal Democratic Texans' house. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Monolithic Dome Homes

Austin is only three hours away from Dallas. Last night Brian told me to keep my eyes out for the Dome Home community 45 minutes south of Dallas. I didn't really know what he was talking about until I saw the 400 ft concrete caterpillar named Bruno on the eastern side of I-15 just north of Italy Texas. I missed the exit, drove ahead five-mile and turned around.

When I got to the dome home community I noticed that they had a 24-hour welcome center which was also a model dome home. They had videotape in the VCR and I took a little break and watched it. The dome community is actually part of the Monolithic Dome Home Institute, which trains people to build the patented Monolithic Dome Home system.

I'm not sure how much I can tell you about the process but it involves a giant inflatable bubble, polyurethane foam, and quick setting flash concrete. These people have brought new meaning to the term "concrefication." One of the selling points on the dome homes is that they are energy efficient and disaster proof. I guess 15 tones of domed concrete can withstand more wind than your average inflatable home.

Wednesday October 24, 2001

Lone Star Bottles

I spent the day working on Temporama. Susan and Richard have DSL in their studio so I was able to get a few more images posted. The QuickTimeVR's from the desert are up and running.

I ran errands with Richard around Dallas this afternoon. Dallas is huge.. and unlike most of the western cities that I have visited, the streets don't necessarily line up into perfect little grids. The main streets in Dallas were originally cow paths, so they seem to come in from what used to be pastureland and cross each other at odd places, at some points three or four streets meet up at the same place. So you could be on one street and cross a main intersection to find that you are actually on a totally different street.

Tonight I met up with Brian, who bought my Elvis shirt, some ribbons from a thermal color printer and a tagged roll of toilet paper. He was wearing the shirt when we met up. The bars in Dallas don't carry Lone Star. Is it really that bad? I kind of like it. We went to one of his favorite bars by the State Fairgrounds, The Texas State Fair just ended, unlike the fairs in the Northeast, Texas fair are in the late fall. Dallas in August is not to friendly for hanging outside.


Tuesday October 23, 2001

Denton, Lincoln, Alcohol

I didn't get out of bed today until Christine called me at about 3 pm to remind me that I was supposed to meet with Susan's Class at 3:30. All I did was keep up drink for drink with Christine. Little did I know that she spent most of her undergraduate life drinking her friends under the table. Denton Style for me will always be synonymous with Alcohol poisoning. I have only been this sick three other times in my life. Once was when I drank my last sip of Gin at 14 with Mark and Colin and the other two were in my mistaken attempts to keep up drinking with Lincoln.

Well I made it through my artist talk at T Dub and even answered a few questions. On my walk over I thought that I might have to back out of the talk, but I was able to hold my self together for a while. I hung out with Christine until 7 or so and then followed Susan's Directions to her house in Dallas..

Southward moving.. Guess I will see whom else I can visit in Dallas tomorrow.

Monday October 22, 2001



I spent most of the day hanging out in the photography lab at T Dub (Texas Women's Univ) I guess I am considered a visiting artist, at least that is what Susan K Grant refereed to me as, to her students. I talked to one of her classes about my project and showed them some of the work that I have been doing on the road.

I met Christine at SPE in Savannah this spring and have kept in pretty good touch since then. It was Susan who bought the shirt from me but she lives in Dallas so I decided to stay with Christine rather than commute back and fort from Dallas to meet with Susan's students tomorrow.

Sasha called today to announce her disapproval of me staying an extra day at Dub.. "Ohh no not another day with all those girlsÉ " She trusts me.. I think.

Well Christine is supposed to take me out drinking Denton style.. Whatever that means.